Escort girls in Adana do sports assignments to win

Do you know why I like escort girls in Adana? They can be ordered to do practically everything – and they will do I want. Without hesitations, questions, denials, lack of desire or sour faces as other, regular girls, would act.

A little information about me: I’m 42, very rich, have huge passive income (on royalties, rent, interests, and akin) and I don’t like to work. Work is not for me – I inherited all my money and assets and now I’m able to live a full life not spoiling it with nasty work. However, I do have to fight boredom and that is why I have come up with an original way of it: arranging sports struggle of girls. It happens as this: I order two or several girls and offer them to struggle for a prize fulfilling various tasks. The prize can be 10, 20, 50 thousand dollars or about these sums. The tasks can be also very different: swim in a large pool to become first among competitors; play seek and hide; run for the time; do a tug of war; fight in a mud and many other options.

This time, I’ve chosen 6 escort girls in Adana and those competitions: fight in a mud, swimming in my pool (that I have in my mansion), and holding on legs being greased with body oil.

Oh, yes – and all these tasks must be done by completely naked girls. To add more eroticism, of course. This time, they are struggling for 20,000 dollars – the winner takes it all. No taxes, cash at once, on hands.

 One of the escort girls in Adana is explicit in her pose and undeniably attractive in these shorts made of jeans

Fight in a mud

For this, I have a room in my yard, which my helpers arrange: put a pool, fill it with liquid mud and I release groups of girls into in. The goal is to make two girls fight and the one, who will get on top of her opponent and make her surrender, wins, earning one point. I love to watch as their naked bodies shine under the sun and girls fight for real, trying to overcome, not hesitating of even the most filthy tricks. Teeth, nails, and fists – the fight is real. Bruises and bites too. From 6 escort girls in Adana, 3 winners. Fair enough for this money.


Swimming in my pool

As all the girls take a shower, it is time to go swimming. It’s simple too: 6 of them swim at once in my large pool 30*10*2 meters (length, width, depth). The goal is to swim 10 times here and there. 600 meters of swimming in total. The first collects 3 points, the 2nd – 2 points, the 3rd – 1 point. The rest get 0. What is cool about this challenge – I look at beautiful female naked bodies moving in the water so wet, so heated with the spirit of the challenge, desiring to win… I see the real fire in their eyes and that heats my blood up.


Holding on legs

This challenge is about not to fall on the ground. It is one of my favorites – girls are very extensively greased with body oil. This task is comprised of several small ones: 1) run or crawl on greased logs with greased legs/arms; 2) beat a competitor – one of two girls shall fall three times to lose (the winner gets one point); 3) crawl as high up on a pole as possible – the winner gets one point.

I love to watch as they endlessly fall from these logs on soft mats. Though everything is maximally soft to prevent girls from hurting, they receive bruises here as well as logs are extremely hard to proceed and last only when two first girls complete the distance. Then three pairs of escort girls in Adana have to use whatever it takes on a boxing ring to make some of them turn over, falling from legs. They can knock from feet using own feet, try to push, hit and so on. If they fall 3 times together, they both lose, so attentiveness is a must. I really enjoy every single stage as I can see their breasts, asses, and pussies covered in shiny oil. But even more, I enjoy when I put this grease on them – every girl of six goes through my hands. I rub them in oil, touching everywhere. Even more than needed – what the hell, I’m the master and pay for this hefty money so I can do whatever.

Tonight, it was one winner – she took 6 points, winning a pool (out of the last powers, winning 10 centimeters in a very intense struggle), which allowed her to take the advantage. The others received only a warm shower and a possibility to participate in my next games. And I already know what challenges I will use…

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