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Two girls in sexy lingerie are lying at each other and are going to kiss
Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Sex – isn't it something you love watching on erotic channels and sites? The tits of some fleshy girl are rubbing the tits of another girl. As they are licking each other’s holes, even in the 69 pose? Does it make you feel like your jizz will flow now out of you without a possibility of being hold inside anymore? Young desirable bodies are touching and caressing themselves and you can definitely be a part of it. If you are a man, at least two girls from our model agency are required to demonstrate you this. If you are a woman, you can be engaged in this sweet sex with only one of our girls. What are you waiting for?

The banana in a condom of the pink color
Blowjob with condom

Blowjob with condom gives super protection to a girl when she’s making you orally pleased. Some men don’t love to think about such thing as the absence of protection of a girl from her clients. And want to be extra protected themselves. For such occasions, upon your request, we can deliver you only those girls, who wave always used the protection like this in their previous dates with men and women. Leave your doubts aside and concentrate solely on your feelings – isn’t this what you came to us for? This service does not mean the worse feelings for you, only adds more reliability to you and your partner.

The two are kissing and touching each other with tongues
Kissing with tongue

Kissing with tongue is what is otherwise called ‘a French kiss’. Over long years, it has become a transparent synonym to a passionate kiss, during which you investigate the mouths of each other with your partner. Eventually, this is more than just kissing – this is exploration of your partner’s regular smell, and the smell when he or she gets aroused, bursting with pheromones; this is the finest prelude to lasting sex if you want to give it more passion; this is a special intimacy between you, which is incapable of being reached when you only kiss for a second or two. This is another level of mutual understanding and such kissing sometimes can be better than sex itself.

You and several ladies – isn’t it a dream?
Group sex

Group sex is for lovers of having ultimate sexual experience. It is when you want to experience several sexual partners during one time. Your act of love turns into an act of lustful sex, when you try, and try, and try, without being able to stop tasting more and more. You taste, you are tasted. Your inner fire burns with a bigger blast, you can have anyone in this room you are now in. Limits aren’t for you anymore in this piled sex. This is a pure lust that can be unleashed so far that it will scare you. But it will definitely give you another level of experience – to which you’ve been striving to, trying to escape the gray dullness of days.

Use all advantages of classic sex
Classic sex

Classic sex, statistically, is still a classic. Only this type of sex is used by 7 people of 10 in the regular life day by day, and in 6 out of 10 dates by feelings of our girls. Thus, men and women pretty much often don’t want to have any other type of sex but classic. We’re sure that it is stipulated by many factors like the absence of time or desire to try something new or outdated thinking that sex must be only classical, done in missionary pose or a doggie style as a max of perversion. Whatever the reason is, we’re still happy to make you happy giving this service at any time of the day and night. And year.

If you love to explore the depth of the anal hole of a woman
Anal sex

Anal sex stimulates men’s penises much better than regular vaginal sex – this is the main reason for the popularity of this type of sex (if girls want to know). Having it, a man feels as the very tight ring of a partner’s anal hole squeezes his dick on the entire length when he does in and out. In addition, the intestine closer to the anal exit is also a tight thing – and so, fast and quirky bright cumming is almost always guaranteed to be much faster than during the regular sexual contact. Fucking her in the ass is a vivid dream of every man, which can be perfectly easily guaranteed by our model girls.

Please yourself with a quality massage after a tiresome day

Massage is the collective word for all types of massage our girls provide. This can be a massage to relax, to get in tone and cheer up, to improve the state of own health under the hands of a professional masseuse, and, last but not least – erotic massage, which guarantees your cumming. Whatever one you select, expect to be in the hands of a very nice lady with skills required for every type of massage. We have professionals in each direction and with broadening of our girls’ database, we’re sure that adepts of this service in our ranks will only become more and more. Definitely, hands of our sexy butterflies will leave no man indifferent.

Let yourself relax as this man in the picture
Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage – just relax with sensationally soft hands of our temptresses. They know how to deal with your body and use their one. They are sure that through hands, human energy flows in and out and those flows can be regulated if to use wise and precise hand movements. In addition to hands, they also use other parts and surfaces of the body: boobs, legs, ass, belly, crotch… Anything that you want can be engaged in the process – even the entire female body will be put on you if this is your desire. Relaxing under this condition will be done to the extent that you desire – and sex during or after such massage is also optional and depends on your wish.

This service breathes more life into the veins of the receiver
Classic massage

Classic massage is the toning massage. During it, the blood runs in the body faster thanks to the hands of a girl-masseuse. She will squeeze and crush your flesh and muscles, giving them a tone required for a better feeling. If you want a specific type of massage (like super invigorating Thai style or mega relaxing Bali style), tell this a girl before she starts. Also, using oils and scents for this procedure is done according to your desire – it is smoother with them but they all have grease and smell, so their application must be agreed by the client. In two words – cheer up.

Let the hands of a professional touch your skin and bring comfort
Professional massage

Professional massage is only done by those of our girls, who have a certificate of the masseuse. They have undergone courses or training and they officially hold a paper approving their skills in this area. In addition to a paper, they also have approved experience, which can be in times or even tens of times longer than in erotic dating and count for hundreds and thousands of hours (months and years of calendar time experience). Giving self into hands of such a professional doer, you definitely may expect treatment your body deserves, as they all know what to do.

A beautiful girl is sitting on top of a man doing massage with own body
Erotic massage

Erotic massage is what any type of massage can end with. Or this is what can be started right from the beginning if you want so. It can end within 10-20-30 minutes depending on how agile or soft the hands of our sexy temptress will be. The indelible advantage of this type of satisfaction is that it can be perfectly combined with any other sexy service even if your date is planned only for 1 hour. When you have at least two (or the entire night), there is so much everything to taste together with erotic massaging of your masculine body. Try to have it?

A girl is holding a lash wearing sexy outfit standing on the bed

Games are a wonderful opportunity to make your fantasies come true. In the process, you can impersonate anyone. Or anything. You may even change the gender and try what it feels to be a woman. Or a man if you’re a woman. What it’s like to become a shepherd of Alp mountains while she is your sheep? Or you are a mighty duke, while she is your new concubine. Or you want to impersonate a robot trying to feel rough robosex? Everything here is limited only by your imagination and possibilities to impersonate the desired character, no matter would it be a human being, an animal, or an alien from outer space. Games also can include usual sports games only played for sex – for instance, losing in cards, you take one piece of clothing off. Use your imagination.

Untwine the fantasies together with fetish erotic

Fetish is triggering around some single topic, which is of the highest interest of you. For instance, high heels (as the most widespread fantasy of men). Or anything at all: lashes, dirty female panties, the used insole that was tightly embracing her sole on the feet… You would be surprised how many items (and in what states) can actually be a matter of people’s fetish. Clothes are one hefty slice of it but there are also others – foods, equipment, gadgets, industrial products… These all are fine for us, as we know that there are many ways people actually may experience arousal and receive satisfaction. Do you have something specific that our lady must carry with her on the date with ya? Just let us know and we’ll do our best to satisfy your fetish.

Let your inner sex monster out and make him capture you

Extreme options of sex are preferable by people who are tired of boring usualness. During extreme sex, you are able to experience completely different things, ones that aren’t offered, as a rule, by wives, girlfriends, one-time dates… This is something that must be prepared and discussed additionally. This is something that breaks limits and brings much more exciting pleasure to all participants of this venture. This is the unforgettable set of feelings that are hard to find in regular places. As our exotic models are very open-minded, they are ready to offer you extremes to all tastes and listen to your wishes to make them happen as best as possible.

It’s a thing that can be put on you or on her

Strap-on is a nice excitement for everyone who loves erotic toys. This toy is applicable for anal and vaginal penetration as the add-on to usual process. It rises a degree of excitation and makes double penetration possible. When you use it for a girl, she gets double entering that you do, in any of the two openings decided by you (two separately or everything in one – optional). When a girl uses it, she can penetrate you, giving more exotic sensations, which stimulate a man because of the work of the prostate gland. It is also helpful if a man has the weak erection and needs some instantaneous replacement.

Do it like dogs do – pubis to a vagina
Doggie Style

Doggie Style can be considered as the second classic pose in fucking. She is standing on four as a dog (that’s why it has this name) and you are standing behind a girl, which enables entering into her pussy hole or anal hole very smoothly exactly because of the anatomy of human beings. The deepest entering is done in this pose from all other available poses and the feeling of sturdy hard sex is your fine partner during this process. This pose is also advantageous for a man because he sees everything open for his sight and dick. He has no restrictions and restraints.

Try the taste of a girl, put a tongue there
Ass licking

Ass licking is one of the exotic services, which is loved by men. This is mutually doable satisfaction: you can lick the ass of a girl and she can lick yours. To make it more hygienic, some people use a special transparent thin film, which is designed specifically for this case of making love – you can find it in many sex shops or on the Internet. But without it, feelings are also bright and arousing, as you get into the very deep of a person, one of his or her sacred places, and you shall cherish such trust that is given to you by a person who allows you lick his or her ass. It also can serve as a nice prelude to further actions or as one of the post-coitus soft actions.

The water faucet gives the yellow hot droplets
Golden shower (receive)

Golden shower (receive) – being on a date with one of our hot models you can experience the other level of counteraction with a girl. This service is a chance to plunge your skin under the warm stream of liquid flowing out of her pee hole. Does that arouse you? It should! This is why you order this service and receive – because it is arousing as hell, to watch as the stream gets out of her body. You can agree with a girl for her to drink more water before your date (to make the peeing process last longer). She can drink before the date or on the date with you – this is optional.

Shove a hand into girl’s pussy to see how far it stretches
Fisting classic

Fisting classic is almost the same as anal only with two major differences: a) a hand is put in a pussy and b) it can be done only to a girl (because only girls have pussies). The vagina of your pussycat from our model escort agency is an elastic thing. Some girls specialize on fisting to satisfy these rough demands of clients who prefer non-standard stuff to the standard one. Vaginal fisting over penile penetration into this hole. First, it makes you feel a girl from inside with something else than with just your hand or tongue as was before. Second, it adds to your arousal. So the act you will have before, during or after fisting will be filled with brighter colors.

Extra services you will be glad about, including clothes

Additional is anything at all that you may agree on with our escort ladies. The special outfit, makeup, items to bring along? Or maybe you feel that a girl must go to a sushi bar and order something for your date before she will arrive at your place? Maybe pizza/beer or something from liquors? These questions are solvable – as sometimes, such requests from our clients actually come to us and we want to satisfy every our customer as our own friend. Enjoy the service of additional things the same as you select toppings on your ice cream when in an ice cream booth.

A woman with golden hair receives yellow drops on her face
Golden shower (give)

Golden shower (give) – do you like to make girls wet? How about peeing on them? Literally. You can do it in the bathroom or any other room and place at your choice (in private places). This will let out your might, as you will rule the situation, you will be a hefty governor of a girl’s body, making it yours in a totally different way. She obeys you, she listens to you, wants to be peed by you. This is a complete power, which makes your boner so hard that only a powerless and weak man will be able to withstand a possibility to try this temptation. For everyone else, this is a fantastic opportunity to receive another erotic satisfaction, which closely intertwined with a feeling of power.

Shove something into a girl’s anus hole, like a hand, for instance
Fisting anal

Fisting anal will make your body tensed. If you will fist a girl’s anal hole, you will touch her from inside – allowing self to know all curves of the closest section of intestine. If she will do it for you – this is yet another level of sexual gratification, which will either come to your liking or will be hated by you eventually. However, it is worth trying at least once in your life on your body to make self assured – do you like it or not. When shoving a fist into her ass, expect to cover it with a greased condom or with a fat layer of some fatty grease to make it slide smoothly. Vaseline or body oil are perfect decisions to be used. This is a chance to saturate your time with inexperienced feelings, which will make your life brighter and will fill it with things to remember.

The red open lips of a girl are waiting
Blowjob without condom

Blowjob without condom is the service to feel 100% of the gamut of emotions and make own satisfaction thorough. The service is provided by almost every girl and before ordering someone from our catalog, please make sure with our manager a girl provides this service. Those models, who do this, are professionals in this service. Each of them is unique and can please you orally in her own way but they all have one thing in common: they will make your semen shoot out of your trunk so you can have a cool orgasm. Is that what you want exactly? We surely think so.

A girl is playing with a dick of a man looking into his eyes
Blowjob deep

Blowjob deep is the swallowing of your penis so deep to make it enter a throat of a girl, passing through girl’s oral cavity and eventual stopping only when your entire length, to the last millimeter, will be taken into her mouth. Softness and warmness of a girl’s mouth and lips during this type of sex say for their own: this is for one of the deepest arousals in your life. During this type of a blowjob, a girl, as a rule, much rarer helps self with a hand and much more often swallows your hard boner to the very depths of her cavities – and you can enjoy fully how she does it.

A man gives a girl pleasure with his tongue

Cunnilingus is pleasing a girl with a tongue. This service is both applicable to men and women (as you know, women also can please other women and it is very sexy). You can do it during 69 pose or as a separate thing on your hot erotic date but you are pleasing a girl and receive pleasure about this too – this is the man’s nature. When a man licks a pretty pussy of a maiden, he gets aroused. This excitement goes to her and she arouses too. If this licking serves as a prelude to further sex, a girl gets heated and is able to satisfy a man much better than without being licked. So cunnilingus is a very profitable thing for both.

Be sure to use all sex toys you want – including those in the picture

Toys are any addition that can be used in copulation. Not necessarily, they have to be bought from a sex store – they can be anything from regular objects that surround us. For instance, a cucumber or zucchini – they are hard enough to serve as natural dildos and can be used by all partners of both sexes. The same goes for the carrot. Or anything other hard enough for penetration. Aside of items that can be shoved somewhere, there are toys to control and obey, to put in mouth, to put on, and to restrict movements. The variety is vast and our girls know how to use them all. Inside our residence, where girls meet and have conversations (and meetings with clients, of course), we have a special room filled with such toys.

Imagine yourself and a girl as totally different characters
Role playing

Role-playing means impersonating someone. You can be a boss, she’s your secretary. You can be a pilot, she’s a stewardess. Take and wear any role you feel fits you. The main thing about this – is to arouse the desire, make it burn somewhere it was not burning before. Also, it is a possibility to investigate a body of your partner in something new (a costume or special lingerie) and to put something on yourself. You can be a tiger, a dog, a man, a woman. Yes, changing roles in sexes with your partner sometimes arouses very much – much bigger than toys or outfits. Also, you vastly use your imagination – to make the process sparkle with colors.

Use her boobs as your erotic canvas
Cum on tits

Cum on tits – an option of leaving a trace on a girl’s body, namely, its upper part, tits. Can you imagine you are cumming and a girl offers you to use her magnificent sexy body as a canvas to cum on its surface? Whitish semen from your trunk hits her skin, flows down the breasts, covering them with a film of myriads of your spermatozoa. She can rub your jizz into the skin to arouse you more, to receive more whitish flows from your dick, to make it sexier and looking more like erotic movies on xxx channels. Sure, all men love to see their cum is on a girl they fuck – and so you try it.

Her face belongs to you when you cum at her
Cum on face

Cum on face is to make your sex be finished with something most of the men desire. Cumming on a girl’s face is showing your superiority, demonstrating your strength and vitality. This is not only about making love – this is about the power of a man, his masculine beginning, which is often demonstrated in his sperm. This is also what feels logical if you want to recreate something you’ve seen in erotic movies with a happy ending. And this is something you shall try if you haven’t tried it before. As, tell us, what kind of a life this is if a man haven’t finished on someone’s face at least once during all his years? A shitty one. But you can change that right now.

The mouth of a girl is ready to take all your semen
Cum in mouth

Cum in mouth is about 99% of ends of all manipulations with men’s cocks. Why wouldn’t anyone want to do it if there is a fabulous opportunity to end into a warm girl’s mouth, which is already ready to adopt all your inner juice, swallowing it, and asking for more, until she saturates her sexual hunger? This is what men mostly dream of in their night dreams and daydreams when they see a beautiful girl. Especially when they see any of our models – which are all beauties without the rest. Our ladies will suck you so professionally that you won’t want to leave their nice oral embrace. They will make you soar high like an eagle.

Have sex in three or more – just like this happy guy does
Services for couples

Services for couples are everything doable for men only this time offered by two: a man/woman and his/her woman/man. Any combinations of coupling are allowed and we don’t tag people based on anything as we think that any types of sex are healthy if they are loved by all sex participants. Visiting an escort model in two with your other half is a great way to breathe in more life into your relations, largely reinvigorate feelings that are fading in the marriage or after long years of being together. This is definitely what will shake gray days when a girl you order is super erotic and so hot that even touching her with a finger already brings orgasm. She will become a new core of your relations for this short time and will show you how to love each other back again.

See her elastic body dances striptease and enjoy the flexibility

Striptease embraces two types of services: professional and amateur striptease. They don’t differ too much. The first is done by those girls, who at least correspond to two conditions: 1) have taken courses of striptease from another professional and learned practice and theory and 2) who has danced over 500 hours in their careers. We have both types and they will all come to your liking in whatever state you are: sober, drunk, nice, angry, or whatever. Watching an erotic dancing of young slim female body is what men get excited about. They can watch on anything, live, with own eyes. And touch her, which is not allowed in regular strip clubs. But you’re not in the strip club, right?

Throw a glance at a professional stripper
Striptease professional

Striptease professional will uncover a beauty of a female body. Performed by young girls with lithe and plastic bodies, this dance is often called an ‘exotic dancing’. We fully agree with its alternative name and won’t argue it. The thing in the professional striptease is that it arouses imagination, showing fully naked female body – from the start when it is with clothes on, to the last final moment, when everything is taken off. Our pussycats will amaze you with their thrilling movements and skillful demonstration of hidden parts of their curvy bodies.

A girl is standing in erotic black lingerie her back to you
Striptease amateur

Striptease amateur is almost the same as professional striptease with the only difference: a girl you see dancing may have been started doing this only now, this minute, on a date with you. As a rule, girls dancing in amateur genre did not study it professionally and have a little time of practice. However, they all want to improve their motions and become the best dancer for you as her current date. This desire coupled with their super arousing body make men erect. It is more than just physiology – it is also an art. An art of demonstration of a female body in a way to make it insanely interesting for a man.

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