Russian escort Bursa is in the room with a gorgeous look on the city

Hello, our dear readers. Below, we give a story of one of our clients, who shared his experience of meeting with one of our Russian escort Bursa ladies. He did not want to publish own or her names.

She visited me in 19 hours. It was 25th floor, so needless to say the view from windows was stunning. The best in this 5-star room was the view, so almost the entire outer wall was occupied by panorama windows of treble tempered glass. I was drinking red wine looking in the window at the evening city under my feet. I really like the urban view but this height gave especial thrill with its might and glory.

She rang at the door and I opened. Russian escort Bursa pussycat was just as I expected her to be from pictures of her profile: brown hair, long slim legs, cute face, and breasts of either second or third size. She smelled with some flowery perfume and I liked it as it came just in perfect harmony with the scent of wine I was drinking. When she loudly amazed with the view from windows, I poured and offered her a glass. Next, we were standing with lights off in silence looking at this amazing view under our legs feeling a glory of a moment. I like such moments. Especially if I can share them with someone else. Like with a pretty girl from Russian escort Bursa model agency, for instance.

“Where can I refresh?” She asked and I brought her to a marbled bathroom. It was the first bathroom I saw that had a crystal lamp.

Russian escort Bursa pussy is standing on a floor wearing tight shorts to underscore her bulged-out ass and super fit lines of the rest of the body

In 5 minutes, when she got out, I was finishing the third glass of wine, still standing at the window looking down. She softly approached and kissed my neck, waving her thin arms around my shoulders. I looked at her face and saw as her eyes sparkle. Looked down and saw she is naked. Then I felt her nakedness with my skin through a shirt and trousers I wore. When I turned to her, in the absence of artificial light in the room, she looked mysterious and alluring. I put the glass and the bottle on a table and held her. She touched my pubis and I felt the arousal. Her hand was turning me on and all I wanted is to continue this petting as I felt really pleased. During this, I was touching her hooters and get my fingers inside of her shaved pussy – just what I love the most: shaved.

Her breathing started to become louder and we both concentrated on mutual petting standing in front of a window, only half meter from it, my left side and her right side to it. Very soon, she unbuttoned my pants and got her hand inside of it, skillfully bypassing my underwear. From the direct touch, I excited larger and the dick was trying to stand in its fullest but trousers prevented it. I asked her to take them off, getting me naked. She did it and, squatting down, took my penis in her warm mouth, leaving me standing. I raised my right hand to the nose and sniffed the smell of her pussy. She was very arousing and smelled with a pure woman, who just got out of the shower.

Russian escort Bursa girl worked with my dick very professionally, helping self with hands, playing with my balls and the basis on the trunk of the dick. I felt as my knees are shaking and, trying to keep the balance, I leaned towards the glass. Now, my back was pressed to it, and there were 25 floors under me. The lady was now sitting on high heels, sparkling her pussy to the entire city (though it was impossible to see it, it worked well only in my imagination). It got me aroused even more and I’ve decided to change our position. I asked her to stand up and turn to me. We turned at 180° and now she was leaning on the glass. I grabbed her ass tight and entered the pussy.

The girl was so small in body complexion that her entire butt fits my palm. It allowed me to spread her buttocks in the sides, easing the access to her both holes. After I have had enough of fucking her hairless smooth pussy, I’ve decided it is time to finish. So I’ve entered in her same hairless pale ass hole – very attractive one, one of the most attractive ones I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. At least, it seemed pale to me in the darkness. I started to move faster and she was moaning, keeping looking at the city out there touching the glass with her boobs. This picture also mesmerized me and I did several final strong jerks, squeezing her buttocks tight, making her fully sit on my dick at its entire length. When I finished and flushed her from inside, I held her butt hole at the very beginning of my dick to make it as much deep as possible.

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