One of the new escort girls Ankara is on the bike and gets sexually high because of that

As we agreed with Ahmed, my today’s client (as I work as one of the new escort girls Ankara), he brought me to the ground equipped for bikers. It was a big track in the dirt with high and low pitches, pits, small cliffs and so on – just for dirty riding on lightweight sports bikes with very gripping wheels. The sun was high and the riding was in the active phase – I think, no less than 10 bikers were on different parts of this track making free practice.

“I think we can ride on a bike,” Told Ahmed. It was a surprise he promised when we dealt about our date in new escort girls Ankara model agency. I have not ridden on a bike before and told Ahmed about this.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be taught – there is an instructor.”

Indeed, in 30 minutes we were already told to dress up for riding. I brought clothes to change and in one of the premises, I wore it. I purposefully took something very sexy – body-tight sports costume, which was made of one piece. Similar to ones, which are designed for surfing, only not waterproof and not ‘warm’. When I wore it, I was spinning near the mirror looking at myself: super hot girl with emphasized ass and breasts, thinned waist and toned legs. I could easily be on a cover of some sports magazine for men – they would all have saliva running from their mouths when looking at me.

When I got out of the dressing room, all gazes of men pointed at me and they were whistling highly appreciating my sexy look. I bathed under their looks, in those rays of adoration, feeling as the queen of sex of new escort girls Ankara. I think I looked pretty close to it.

I will skip the boring part when we were instructed and got used to our bikes. It took several long hours but eventually, I was able to manage the bike and really was glad because of this new experience.

One of the new escort girls Ankara is in the appealing pose, which can mean only one – she really wants to have sex

We were given the start and we rode. Oh, gosh, I controlled this steel-and-rubber machine under my legs and in several minutes, the hardness of controlling it (but mostly – fear of falling) were replaced by something very close to erotic excitement. Was it something that men experience when they receive power? Not sure but probably, yes.

I tried to ride a hill and descend from it, not too fast. I did it in the first attempt! It was so great. In some moment, I thought it was greater than having a good sex with new escort girls Ankara service. Or very close to it. I got excited and did not hide my passion. I came to Ahmed and whispered in his ear: “I am so excited about riding. I wanna have sex with you right now.”

His eyes sparkled and we rushed to the changing room, bringing bikes to the base. Once in the room, he locked the door. I licked my lower lip not able to withstand the desire anymore. I rushed to unzip my biking costume and showed Ahmed I am only in blue thongs under it. He took his jeans off and pants too, releasing his half-erect cock (which was gaining more strength with every fraction of a second – that’s why I love young men, as they get excited just in a clap of a finger). I wanted his entrance in me so much that I simply pulled his dick towards me and pointed it to the open pussy as I jumped atop a table with legs spread. He didn’t want to hesitate either and just entered in me with young quickness, embraced my shoulders and started fucking me, sending waves of shaking flesh on my buttocks and thighs. Gosh, that was really good. Sexual tension grew bigger in me until I saw a bright light and screamed loud from the highest peak I just received. It took me only several seconds to reach it – a new personal record. I felt him moving in and out and it allowed me to stay at this bright peak for quite a long time. Just in a fraction of a second as he finished, I received number 2. Same bright and powerful. He grabbed me tight and we both united in one big ball of erotic, which lasted several minutes. Well, maybe a little longer for me and little lesser for Ahmed. Still, we both enjoyed this spontaneous sex really much.

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