Escortlar Istanbul tells about her impressions received during the sea cruise

I work as escortlar Istanbul for not so long ago. You know me under the name Olia. I’ve been working for other agencies before that and have seen several big and small cities. I’m not a good teller, I have only one story. And my story is actually about vacation, not work in escortlar Istanbul service.

Nine months ago, I was so tired of working that I’ve decided: I need a good vacation. The understanding came to me when I was watching ‘Boat Trip’ movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Roselyn Sanchez. They were all so happy about their vacation (though it did not start that well as heroes of the movie have expected). I had a really good laughter about a zillion of funniest situations and found that Roselyn Sanchez is really the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I ever started jealous her (though I consider myself one of the prettiest escortlar Istanbul workers).

So the very next day I were at the office of trip agent and selected the finest sea trip as I dreamt of: 9 nights starting from Istanbul, going to Salonika, Athens, Catania, Palermo, Napoli, Rome, Malta, Tripoli, Alexandria, ending in Antalya. 9 intermediary stops with a possibility to see those cities guided, have tasty meals in local restaurants… But what’s more important to me: no sex. I did not have to do any sex. With anyone. I just wanted to have rest and be 10 days not a girl of escortlar Istanbul service but just a regular girl of 20 years. Make selfies, eat pizza, drink wine…

But you know, what the fuck: I just couldn’t do it. Not because I love sex too much, no. On the day three of our trip, when we approached Palermo, I saw sooooo beautiful guy! He was like everything a girl can dream of: tall, tanned, with small neat beard made of thick black hairs, muscled chest and arms under white expensive shirt made of thin linen (I think it cost no less than 300-400 dollars), body of an athlete, and look of an eagle chasing for his prey. When he passed by me, I felt his erotic smell of a very (very!) expensive perfume – not the one you can find in a shitty perfume store like Oriflame or something similar.

Escortlar Istanbul lady definitely knows how to seduce, as her buttocks covered with tiny and tight shorts are at the center of piercing attention right at the first sight, then comes her very slim waist

Since then, he captured all my imagination. I wanted to find him but couldn’t do it at once as I lost him in the crowd. Several hours later, I saw him on one of the outer decks. He smoked a cigarette. I never saw any of these: it was shorter than usual, without a filter, with only a small dollar sign in gold paint. Was it a sign of exuberant luxury this man had? I was really interested and having no answers on my curiosity only started more interest. I joined him in smoking and, looking into sea distance veiled in dove-colored mist, I told “Interesting cigarettes you smoke, mister. I’ve never seen any of these.”

He looked at me, straight into my eyes. So deep that it seemed he can see right through me. It was not pleasant sensation: as if a rabbit, which spotted the sanguinary look of a falcon on him realizing he has just turned to prey. In a second, this feeling was gone leaving its place to internecine desire to copulate with this man.

“John Galt at your service, madam.” The piercing look into the inside of me didn’t stop. “Those are my beloved cigarettes, I find them the best of all. They are done under the special order and you can’t find them in regular stores.”

A seagull suddenly screamed to the right of me, I scared and fell into John’s embrace. His sporty body was extremely springy and hands were even stronger than I thought they were. His bodily scent was subtle and perfume didn’t cover it. He smelled… differently. Very differently from any man I have ever visited or met before. It was a smell of independence. Chivalry. I shuddered in his embrace as if from sudden cold and couldn’t help but keep shuddering.

“Oh, dear, are you cold? Where is your cabin? Let me take you there.”

When we approached my cabin, I opened it with a card key and suddenly, not knowing what I was doing, I kissed him passionately. With so much passion that I couldn’t cope. I hugged him tightly and didn’t want to let go. With him, I felt super comfortable. I brought him to my cabin and locked the door behind. He sat on the bed and looked at me with a gaze of a winner. I roared and rushed towards him…

Alina Istanbul

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